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Meta land was described in 1924 by C.J.A. Gregg, the colonial Assistant Divisional officer, as "a land of natural beauty of rugged hills, gorgeous mountain scenery, grassy slopes and valleys decorated by shimmering palms". This beautiful land was, unfortunately, a shelter for unprogressive customs, high mortality rate, low scholastic level and unexploited resources.

The post independence period posed several challenges, which include the slow pace of development. To meet these challenges, a number of committed Meta Elites, supported by the Fons and other driving forces initiated in 1963 a self-reliant development association, The Meta Welfare Association (MWA).

With the evolutionof events the association changed its name to The Kwem Cultural Association (KCA), which emphasized the association’s desire for cultural preservation. Seeking a name that more fully embodied its cultural preservation and community development goals, members again voted to change the association’s name to the Meta Cultural and Development Association (M.E.C.U.D.A).

This umbrella cultural and development association has since then been a pacesetter for the development of the clan. Experiences and ideas acquired through education, travels, etc are discussed at branch, zonal or general annual meetings and those found appropriate are implemented.

The consequence of this Union of heads and hearts is the very noticeable improvement in the quality of dwelling houses, the availability of social amenities, better educational and medical facilities, the shift from a purely subsistence economy to a market economy featuring palm oil production, basketry, food production and the development of inland fisheries.

Culture, the element that binds all Meta people together, has been gradually refined to exclude what seemed unreasonable, rustic and unprofitable. Significant efforts have been made to improve on what is considered beautiful and progressive.

The MECUDA constitution and the structures put in place have so far enabled the association work with government technical services and some NGOs to achieve progress.

In spite of this progress, MECUDA’s target is not yet achieved. The general standard of living needs improvement. Our natural resources particularly clays need to be developed and the beautiful rolling hills also need to be developed to become an attraction to tourists. The Association is aware of this and so continues to explore ways and means to deliver these much needed developmental goods.

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