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Dear Mecudans and Friends of MECUDA,

Welcome to our Website!

This Website is an important avenue for us to expose the history of Meta people, their rich culture and heritage, and acitivities of MECUDA-USA in the United States and in Cameroon. Public awareness is one of the primary goals of this Website.

Meta Cultural and Development Association, MECUDA-USA is a non profit organization with a 501(C) (3) status for charitable purposes. Our mission is to assist in the advancement of social, educational, and public health development for the people in the Meta region in Cameroon.

As a visitor you will find vital information about issues pertinent to the socio-economic and cultural development of Meta. I hope you will find the information helpful and educative, and that you will share this information with others.

Please stop by often as information on the Website is constantly updated.

We will also appreciate any feedback from you on how we can effectively realize our goals and about the Website.

Robert Toche
President, MECUDA-USA


Poverty, high prevalence of diseases like malaria and HIV-AIDS has created major health care challenges for the Meta people in Cameroon. The lack of clean portable drinking water, poorly equipped healthcare centers and schools, a rising number of children that have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and the inability of families to send their children to school continue to plague the Meta community. Our immediate objective is to improve the living conditions of Meta people in Cameroon.

MECUDA-USA has embarked on different projects to help fight poverty and improve the living conditions for people living in Meta.

Current Projects include:

Providing pipe-borne water in villages
Rehabilitation of Healthcare centers
Construction of a modern Mortuary
Promoting computer literacy/ Building a computer lab in Mbengwi High School
Setting up scholarship programs
Providing desks and supplies to schools
Funding projects that empower Meta women for leadership roles

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